Brown’s Hotel in Newfoundland, NJ

Brown's Hotel Newfoundland, NJ
Brown’s Hotel in Newfoundland, NJ

John P. Brown was for many years the proprietor of Brown’s Hotel in Newfoundland, NJ. This hotel was in existence and under the management of the Brown family for nearly one hundred years.

The following account was written by E. Hewitt, an English traveler from London . It tells of a visit to Brown’s Hotel in 1819, two years after its completion:

“This afternoon, completely drenched with rain, we stayed at a tavern newly erected, in a village called Newfoundland. Here we procured a small private room and a good fire, dried our clothes, and got tea very comfortably. Our landlord, a very intelligent man, spent the evening with us, and related several interesting anecdotes of General Washington, with whom he was personally acquainted. I observed he was always addressed with the title of Squire, being a magistrate.

Bears, deer, and wolves are very numerous in this neighborhood in the fall. A barn not exceeding 60 feet by 30 costs here about $125.00; shingles or wood tiles, 15 to 20 dollars per thousand. The whip-poor-will we heard for the first time at this place, repeating its plaintive notes through the whole night.

Our accommodations at this place were very comfortable. and our charge, including hay, one peck of Indian corn, our room, fuel, liquor, one pound of butter, what milk we chose and tar and tallow for our wagon, three quarters of a dollar. I gave our kind host one dollar, which he accepted with reluctance; and at our setting off, he prepared us a quantity of egg-nog, a mixture of apple spirits, eggs and milk. Terrible roads still, and the bridges over the small streams nothing more than poles laid across”.

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  1. I am descended from the Brown family and wondered if you can tell me where Brown’s Hotel was located and when it was demolished? Any information would be appreciated!

    1. The Brown’s Inn was on the corner of Route 23 South and Green Pond Road. (on the left side of Route 23 South)

      The Brown family owned 1,000 acres of property.

      It was torn down in 1914 by the City of Newark when they were building the reservoirs. The only building that survives today is a red “barn type” building that was an electric store. The electric store closed about 4 years ago and the building is deteriorating. Possible that the electric store building might be torn down also since it is on Newark Watershed Property.

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