Porch Restoration Project December 2022

As a preservationist I am aware that I am only a temporary steward of this historic structure. I have the honor of being the 4th owner of Idylease in a line that dates back to 1903. I am a proponent that past can educate. Architecture as an example, is a direct and substantial representation of history and that places can teach us about our past. By preserving historic structures, we are able to share the very spaces and environments in which the generations before us lived. Preserving historic buildings―whether related to someone famous or recognizably dramatic―strangers are able to witness the aesthetic and cultural history of an area. Old buildings maintain a sense of permanency and heritage. There is no chance to renovate or to save a historic site once it’s gone. And we can never be certain what will be valued in the future. It is a labor of love that I spend my time to ensure that Idylease remains standing for future generations to learn from and enjoy. These past few weeks I spent my days replicating the orginal architectural detailing of the porch columns at Idylease on my wood lathe. My days are often occupied with my effort to restore the structure to its original condition when Idylease opened it door on New Year’s Day in 1903


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