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idyleasesituated upon a hill top, one thousand feet above the sea and two hundred feet above the surrounding country, Idylease commands broad and beautiful views of forests and fields, a delightful spot for country ease or country rest as the name implies.  Though only forty-six miles from New York City, Newfoundland is completely shut off from the sea board by intervening hills. This, in connection with the prevailing westerly winds renders the climate of the place dry and remarkably healthful throughout the year.  The building was constructed during the summer of 1902 and expense was not spared in making it an attractive and homelike building, with sanitary appointments the most advanced for its time. The lighting, heating, and plumbing also were the best that could be devised for the time period. The building was finished completely in hardwood floors. No carpets being used as they were considered "unhealthy". Its elevated location renders it cool in the summer and its efficient heating system keeps the facilty warm and comfortable in the winter.  An artesian well three hundred and fifty feet deep yields an abundant supply of pure soft water, absolutely free of contamination.  At a depth of two hundred feet a steel casing is driven firmly into the rock, shutting off absolutely all surface water from the well.

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